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Procryptix, LLC, proudly introduces Black Warrior Mining. Black Warrior Mining is a cryptocurrency mining project that started in late January, 2018. Procryptix, LLC, a cryptocurrency/blockchain company, manages the project’s farm located near Moulton, AL, just south of Wren, AL, in the mountains at the border of the Black Warrior Wildlife Management Area. The project started with just a couple of GPUs. By the end of March, 2018, the farm had grown to over 20. the project’s goal is to continuously add more hash power to the farm. Eventually we will employ more than 100 GPUs.


63 GPUs live as of 8/13/18

The Black Warrior Mining farm now consists of 5 mining rigs that employ Graphics Processing Units, or GPUs. These GPUs are configured to run a certain algorithm for calculations to derive millions of large numbers per second, called hash rate. Our ProX Red Devil rig is populated with 6, our ProX XFX rig has 9 (including a dual GPU card), third rig has 12, fourth rig has 12, and fifth rig has 12 (including a water-cooled GPU), our sixth rig has 4 GPUs. Procryptix, LLC, is managing the seventh rig for a client and if has 8. The client is soon going to add another rig with 10 GPUs. That will get our total GPUs to 73! Each rig has a motherboard with an Intel Core i7 quad core 4.2GHz CPU. The GPU’s have been configured to overclock and to run at a lower voltage. These rigs are currently running and making ETH payouts by mining to the ethhash algorithm used to encrypt data on the ETH, Zcash, ZClassic, Bitcoin Gold blockchains, to name a few. They run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with minimal downtime. The GPU’s are Nvidia 1070, 1070ti, 1080’s and AMD 580’s. The temperature and cooling environment for the rigs is controlled and monitored.


Black Warrior Mining is tirelessly managed and maintained by skilled and knowledgeable professionals at Procryptix, LLC, who are completely dedicated to decentralization and crypto mass adoption. Decades of PCI experience, along with extensive PC and networking hardware experience, to include vast program coding knowledge, is what makes the project a success.

Procryptix, LLC, can also manage your rig or farm of rigs of any size. We also offer specialized consultation and training for anyone looking to mine with a couple of GPUs on their own or a group or business that wants to run a large mining farm or farms. We also offer repair or maintenance of your mining rig(s).

Black Warrior Mining has provided Procryptix, LLC, with lots of important Return On Investment (ROI), environmental, operational, performance and live runtime data. This accurate and thorough data is made available through our specialized consulting services.

Contact Donny, Jonny or Erik Letson today for prompt and professional service or to tour the mining farm!

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ProX’s Black Warrior Mining Facility in Wren, AL, near Moulton.AL. 47 GPU’s mining ETH, etc., 24/7 with an additional 11 GPU’s going live in the next 2 weeks!

Posted by Procryptix, LLC on Wednesday, June 6, 2018