About Us

Procryptix was founded with a simple goal: to bring the power of the blockchain to bear on the problems faced by our customers. We are an experienced, passionate team of technology professionals dedicated to helping you and your business thrive through the use of distributed computing.

Our Projects

Procryptix offers many fine products for the blockchain ecosystem!

Our Services

At Procryptix, we offer a number of services that can help make your life on the blockchain safer and easier.
We at Procryptix specialize in automating tasks on the blockchain and beyond. From cryptocurrency markets to your local in-house network, we can make your computing and business life an automated breeze!
At Procryptix, we want to make you the master of the distributed domain. We can help your business integrate with the blockchain in exciting new ways, boosting productivity and helping you realize your goals.
The world of cryptocurrency and distributed computing is a wild frontier, full of both opportunity and uncertainty. At Procryptix, we want to use our expertise to help you visualize and plan for this brave new world of technology.

Our Team

Expertise. Experience. Creativity. Vision. These are just a few of the qualities that set our team apart from the rest. Meet the people who make Procryptix possible!
Jonny Letson
Jonny Letson

Development Team Leader/ Senior Programmer

35 years programing experience with an emphasis on system administration and backend web applications. Strong Linux system administration, embedded systems, and automation experience. Most recent work on REST APIs and trading bots.

Donny Letson
Donny Letson

Project Coordinator/ Software Developer

Programming and electronics background. Business management experience. 30 years Biomedical experience.

Erik Letson
Erik Letson

Programmer/ Web Developer

Graphical and UI programming background. Experience with web APIs, scripting, and customer-facing application development. FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open-Source Software) proponent.

Chris Webb
Chris Webb

Community Manager/ Crypto Specialist

First discovering Bitcoin in 2013 and investing in 2014, Chris Webb has been an outspoken proponent of cryptocurrencies ever since. Believing that blockchain and other decentralized technologies are the path to a free and prosperous future, he recently started the Anarcrypt brand with the intent of developing a platform to exchange and promote the concepts of free-market economics and voluntary societies. His broad knowledge of all things crypto make him a valuable asset to Procryptix.

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